Siripawn Buddharuk

Former President of the Thai Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (THAIFA), started in the business as a life insurance agent for AIA.
FIN INFINITY Founder’s Background - Siripawn Buddharuk, also known as Khun Joom, was born on 23rd December 1961 in Bangkok, Thailand. She is a successful figure in the financial industry and is the former chairman of THAIFA. Graduated with honors in financial management before starting her own business. She used to work at the Bank of Thailand, a noodle parlour, and a printing material company in 1990. Furthermore, she had also worked at AIA Co., Ltd. as an insurance agent, and through hard work and determination, she finally made her own mark and found her own company called Fin-Infinity.

Everyone deserves financial contentment,
physical and mental happiness, a good family, and stable finance.
That is our mission at Fin Infinity.